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  • All guests and prospective members are invited to participate in association activities and events to determine if they are interested in joining. This includes running trains on the layout and participating in work sessions

  • A prospective member may attend up to 3 times to determine interest in the association and potential compatibility.  At the end of 3 visits, or sooner if desired, the guest may be asked to become a member of the Association.

  • He/she fills out application and pays the appropriate dues.  This application will be presented to the Association during a scheduled business meeting, with the applicant present.

  • The members present will then vote on accepting the applicant.  If the applicant is rejected, the dues will be returned.

  • Family members as defined in the bylaws have the same right to use the facilities as a full member.

  • Children must be accompanied by and actively supervised at all times by a family member.

  • Membership dues are $240.00 per year or $60 payable quarterly.

  • Members joining after February will be offered prorated dues of $60.00 per quarter for the remainder of the year.

  • Dues for Nonresident Members shall be $120 per year payable annually (more than 75 miles away)

  • Should a member choose to terminate their membership during the year, dues will not be refunded.

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